Webinars Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

There will be a series of webinars – one webinar for each of the 9 teams of the Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019. In these webinars you will learn about the topics addressed, get an overview of the planned work, and of course discuss the first rounds of ideas.

DayTime (CEST)TeamWebinar URLMentor
Thursday 4 April1pmTeam 2Webinar URLKarel Jedlicka
Thursday 4 April2pmTeam 6Webinar URLRaul Palma
Thursday 4 April3pmTeam 4Webinar URLMichal Kepka
Thursday 4 April4pmTeam 3Webinar URLDmitrij Kozuch
Friday 5 April10amTeam 7Webinar URLOta Cerba
Friday 5 April12pmTeam 9Webinar URLDan Beran
Monday 8 April2pmTeam 5Webinar URLKarel Charvat
Monday 8 April3pmTeam 1Webinar URLKarel Charvat
Monday 8 April4pmTeam 8Webinar URLUta Wehn