TEAM 7: Smart Points of Interest – Publication of Open Data in Africa as 5-star Linked Open Data

This is a description of Team no 7 of the Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019 led by Otakar Cerba, Raul Palma and Karel Charvat as mentors.

The goal of this team is to publish selected spatial open data from Kenya and other African countries as 5-star Linked Open Data (LOD). The datasets will be transformed and integrated into the Smart Points of Interest (SPOI) data model. The data model for SPOI was designed during the SDI4Apps project and provides a universal exchange approach to publish point based data in RDF format according to the the linked open data (LOD) principles.  


  1. Analysis of Kenyan data from the perspective of SPOI (occurrence, original resources, types of objects).
  2. Searching and describing selected datasets.
  3. Harmonisation of data to the SPOI data model (development of scripts and harmonisation pipelines based on web services).
  4. Validation and evaluation of harmonised data.
  5. Further development of SPOI related mobile apps for Kenya/Africa

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