TEAM 5: Agriculture Innovation Hub for Africa

This is a description of Team no 5 of the Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019 led by Jiri Kvapil, Petr Uhlir and Karel Charvat as mentors.

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) ensure the connection between the ICT and the farming communities by bringing together IT suppliers, the farming sector, technology experts, investors and other relevant actors. This leads to new applications that are adapted to the real needs of farmers. National and regional authorities can play a key role in encouraging the setting up of DIHs and the creation of a regional innovation ecosystem.

The intention of this team is to develop a social space for African agriculture where farmers, the industry, research community, advisory services and others will be able share their knowledge, needs and experience.

The starting point will be the WirelessInfo DIH, which is now developed in the Czech Republic in the frame of the SmartAgriHub project. We would like to invite different stakeholders, we are also looking for people ready to share their open research materials.

The tasks for this team are as follows:

  • Define a visual identity for the Agriculture Innovation Hub for Africa
  • Define the first structure for the hub
  • Build an initial team who will support this hub
  • Implement this hub
  • Collect initial content for the hub
  • Promote the hub and build a community around it

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