Webinar Recording: Deep Learning for Weather Forecast

Weather is one of the most significant factors influencing agricultural production and therefore, the most accurate weather forecast possible is a very valuable information that farmer can get.

One of the weather forecast challeges is learning weather patterns using a massive volume of historical observed data and building a robust weather prediction model. Adaptation of deep learning algorithms specialized for time-series prediction can be beneficial or more accurate for weather forecasting in the local environment for farmers than the publicly available global forecast model.

On Friday’s webinar hosted by Bente Lilja Bye, we had an excellent opportunity to learn more about current methods for weather forecasting from Amit Kirschenbaum (Leipzing University) and about deep learning methods use for building weather prediction model from Ondrej Kaas (Plan4all). Unfortunately, internet connection problems made it impossible to learn about Climate Trends Change from Samuel Ekwacu (Uganda National Meteorological Authority), but he is very kind to record his presentation separately and afterwards we will provide you with that.

Here is a recording of the webinar for you!

FREE Online Training on SmartAfriHub Recording: Data needs & map creation with QGIS for citizens

In case you missed yesterday’s FREE Online Training on SmartAfriHub: Data needs & map creation with QGIS for citizens covering different tools on the SmartAfriHub platform, new mapping tools using QGIS as well as a whole range of other tools, we have a recording for you!

Besides data needs in African agriculture there was also a demonstration of how SmartAfriHub can help to solve data problems through the involvement of citizens as well as discussion of future direction for SmartAfriHub and African SDI

This webinar was extremely successful and we are very grateful for contribution of all participants!

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Webinar Recording: Revealing the resources of SmartAfriHub

Today, there was a webinar dedicated to SmartAfriHub and revealing its resources.

The web-, social media- and communication expert Petr Uhlir and the admin of the SmartAfriHub gave an overview of the SmartAfriHub. Why is SmartAfriHub useful in Africa to boost community building and digital transformation?  Petr led you on a tour into the platform.

Then Jiri Kvapil took the floor and shared more details about the internals of SmartAfriHub – what you can do with SmartAfriHub tools and what data you can process.

The Thematic Lead for Agriculture and Food Security, Lilian Ndungu gave an overview of the RCMRD data portals. She is working for the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD), https://rcmrd.org/.  Lilian introduced the RCMRD online resources and provided insights on how the tools are bridging the gap between information accessibility and decision making.

Did you missed it? You can watch the recording of this webinar!

GODAN Webinar – The Role of Codes of Conduct in Smart Farming and FAIR Data Sharing

With the increase of big data in smart farming, it is more essential than ever to focus on the ethical and legal aspects of data governance (access, control, consent) and practices. This will provide valuable insights into how data is being collected and used, and for what purposes, how to bridge the digital divide, and how to create transparency in order to build trust between stakeholders.

To ensure that the benefits of the digital revolution in agriculture reach everyone involved, especially farmers, there is a need to identify sustainable ways to support data sharing among various stakeholders. Codes of conduct, voluntary guidelines, and principles on how to transparently govern farm data constitute an important first step to put some of the basic issues such as data ownership, data rights, data privacy, data security into an ethical framework and engage all stakeholders involved especially farmers.

In this Webinar an “ideal” code of conduct should look like from a general perspective, attempting to balance, if possible, the interests of all actors involved, focusing specifically on the farmers’ perspective and needs were discussed.

This webinar is also an excellent complement to Challenge 9 of the Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon!

Moderated by: Foteini Zampati, Data Rights Research Specialist, GODAN Secretariat.


Alice Namuli Blazevic is a tech lawyer and partner Tech & Innovation at Katende, Ssempebwa & Co Advocates. She is an award winning lawyer, international speaker and author. Alice specializes in Technology and the law with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Crypto currencies, Cyberlaw and Data Protection.

Stephen Kalyesubula is a certified computer engineer and is currently a Strategic Information Systems Officer at USAID – Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services (RHITES-N, Acholi Project). He also works as a project manager at Youths in Technology and Development Uganda (YITEDEV-Uganda) focusing on Data for Agriculture. He has worked on a number of digital agriculture related projects and is one the GODAN champions and part of the GODAN Action Network of trainers.

Dr R. Andres Ferreyra works as the Data Asset Manager for Syngenta’s Global Digital Agriculture team. His responsibilities in Syngenta include leading development of Syngenta’s global machine data integration platform and the semantic infrastructure that supports it; and leading Syngenta’s participation in the Robert Bosch GmbH-organized Nevonex consortium, which won an AgriTechnica silver medal in 2019, and which enables novel interactions between users, knowledge-based systems, real-time IoT, and agricultural machinery.

Hamlus Owoyesiga is a farmer, youth, ICT Head and Drone Operator at IGTF-Uganda. He has worked with smallholder farmers Agribusinesses for over 7 years implementing Data4Ag, ICT4Ag and UAV4Ag (Drones) projects with support from CTA-ACP-EU aiming at achieving SDGs goals through digitization of agriculture.

Webinar Recording: Risk mapping and impact analysis of the desert locust invasion in East Africa

Did you miss the livestream of webinar on Risk mapping and impact analysis of the desert locust invasion in East Africa by Kizito Odhiambo (Agribora), Denis Macharia, Catherine Lilian Nakalembe (NASA Harvest Africa Lead) and Kenneth Kemucie Mwangi (ICPAC), hosted by Bente Lilja Bye? No worries, we have a recording for you!

All presentations are coming soon!


Webinar Recording: Mobilizing Capacity Development in Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers

In case you missed webinar dedicated to Mobilizing Capacity Development in Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers: How to bridge the digital divide by Foteini Zampati (GODAN), Suchith Anand (GODAN), Kiringai Kamau (GODAN) and Valeria Pesce (FAO), do not panic – you have an excellent opportunity to replay this webiar!

All presenstations available here:

Ethical and legal questions about smart farming. How do farmers feel about their data? – Foteini Zampati (GODAN)

Mobilizing Capacity Development in Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers – How to bridge the digital divide? – Suchith Anand (GODAN)

Codes of conduct for farm data sharing: Rationale, review, recommendations – Valeria Pesce (FAO)

Bridging the Digital Divide Through Consumer Driven Agricultural FarmHub Data Sourcing – Kiringai Kamau (GODAN)

Webinar Recording: Machine Learning and DataCubes


Did you miss livestream of yesterday’s webinar on Machine Learning algorithms and their use for objects in satellite images? We have a recording for you :)

Deep Learning techniques for boundaries detection (Hana Kubíčková, Plan4all)

Supporting food security with satellite image classification (Jan Chytrý, Masaryk University)

DATACUBES: Conquering Space & Time (Peter Baumann, Jacobs University/rasdaman GmbH)