Title: Precision Farming Ecosystem for Digital Skills enhancement across CE, to support digitalisation, sustainability and specialisation of Agri food manufacturing SMEs in Precision Farming transition
Duration: 06/2024 – 11/2026
Co-funded by: European Union under the Interreg Central Europe programme
Total budget: 291,250 EUR
Coordinator: Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA)

AGRI-DIGITAL GROWTH builds on the Transfarm 4.0 project to enhance digital skills in traditional SMEs within the EU agricultural machinery sector, which includes about 7,000 manufacturers. These SMEs, especially in peripheral areas, lack digital competencies necessary for adapting to and benefiting from the expanding market of precision and digital farming. This project aims to establish a Precision Farming Knowledge Transfer Ecosystem, involving universities, research centers, and business support organizations to foster digital capabilities, aiming to improve sector competitiveness. Activities include transnational pilot courses and living labs to facilitate hands-on learning and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. The ultimate goal is to bridge digital skill gaps and bolster long-term sustainability through continuous support and resource development even post-project.