RDA Europe 4.0

Title: The European plug-in to the global Research Data Alliance
Short name: RDA Europe 4.0Grant agreement no: 777388
Duration: 03/2018 – 05/2020
H2020 topic: Policy and international cooperation measures for research infrastructures (INFRASUPP-02-2017)
H2020 type of action: Coordination and Support Action
Website: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/rda-czech-republic

National Node Services and Activities in support of the “RDA Europe 4.0” Project

Plan4all became the coordinator of the RDA activities in the Czech Republic.

The objective of RDA Europe 4.0 is to become the centrepiece for an EU Open Science Strategy through a consolidated European network of National Nodes, bringing forward an RDA legacy in Europe, providing skilled, voluntary resources from the EU investment to address DSM issues, also through an open cascading grant process.

The ambitious 27-month project comprises 5 Partners and a nunber of Third Parties (the National Nodes) all of which are domain skilled, complementary institutions and organisations that have been drivers of RDA in Europe since its launch in 2013.