Webinar Replay on Using the Atlas of Best Practice to Fight COVID-19 in Rural Areas

Agenda of the webinar:

  • Welcome from the moderator
  • Hackathon introduction and quick overview of 3 challenges: similarities and differences
  • Atlas of the Best Practices (the Enabling project) – common technical platform for presentation of outputs of individual Challenges
  • Ch. 2 presentation
    • goals, the Atlas prototype – Regional Specialities, Expected outputs, brainstorming
  • Ch. 6 presentation
    • goals, the Atlas prototype – Polirural, Expected outputs, brainstorming
  • Ch. 12 presentation
    • goals, the Atlas prototype – Social Enterprises, Expected outputs, brainstorming
  • general Q&A
  • Conclusion

You will hear from 

Rural Attractiveness Visualization

Agenda of the webinar:

  • Introduction to the challenge #4 → Goals, tasks, working groups
  • About Polirural project: Overview over the approach and aims of the project & presentation of the 12 pilot regions
  • Rural Attractiveness: General understanding of rural attractiveness / Principles of searching of homogeneous regions (rural attractiveness index, clustering)
  • The web map application: Features and functionalities / Brief technical details / Input data
  • Ideas for potential improvements of the map application

You will hear from: