Pilsen INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

The Pilsen INSPIRE Hackathon 2019 is one of the satellite INSPIRE hackathons. The hackathon is organised in the frame of the Joint Conference of ISAF & Geomatics in Projects & Plan4all. The hackathon is a collaborative event organised by the University of West Bohemia, Plan4all and EU projects including EO4Agri, DataBio, NextGEOSS, EUXDAT, PoliVisu, AFarCloud, SIEUSOIL, PoliRural and SmartAgriHubs.


The hackathon starts early in September 2019 by creating hackathon challenges that will be posted on this page. The hackathon will then run remotely until the physical event held on 23rd and 24th September 2019 in Pilsen.


The hackathon consists of two parts including:

  • a virtual period: The teams will work virtually led by the team mentors of single challenges. Membership and participation in this part is open to all.  There will be educational webinars during the virtual hackathon to facilitate the progress/collaboration. Follow the Plan4all news for more updates.
  • a workshop (attendance optional for team members/participants) which is the closing event of the hackathon where the results of the hackathon will be presented. The workshop will take place at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, NTIS building, Technická 8, Plzeň, location: 49°43’35.654″N, 3°21’7.244″, Room UN-656 on 6th floor in research wing of the building (part with blue walls). Detailed navigation plan inside of the building will be provided.


  • Environmental and societal challenges
  • Volunteered geographic information (VGI)
  • Sensor domain
  • Citizen observatories
  • Open data
  • Digital Innovation Hubs
  • Cloud Computing


In order to participate in the hackathon, please register here.


CHALLENGE no 1: Czech Agriculture Digital Innovation Hub – FOODIE Challenge

Mentors: Karel Charvat, Jiri Kvapil, Petr Uhlir, Michal Kepka

WirelessInfo is part of the SmartAgirHub project. Currently we are also closely cooperating with the PoliRural project in this direction. We see three roles of Digital Innovation Hubs in the future:

  • Social space and educational materials, where different groups of users can share their experiences and where users could be trained
  • Place where different types of users can test new applications
  • Place for developers, where advanced infrastructure will be available for practical testing

Our work during the hackathon will be focused on the last topic. We are now publishing on our cloud set of tools for EO, IoT, Big Data Management, AI, etc. We are also implementing tools like Jupyter Notebook.  Set of tools like SensLog, Orfeo Geotool, R, Grass, Micka, HSLayers NG and others are available. We will be focused on two issues:

  • Discussion about additional tools, which could be integrated
  • Building apps with existing tools.

Our intention is that this environment will be now open for researchers, entrepreneurs and SMEs for testing purposes during the project. Our idea is to make new tests and think about future pilots as part of the next SmartAgriHub calls.

CHALLENGE no 2: Agro-Climatic Zones – Power of consecutive measurements of temperatures

Mentors: Pavel Hájek, Jiří Valeš, Karel Jedlička, Karl Gutbrodt, Martin Pitoňák, Hana Kubíčková

Project description: Research on how the temperature changes through time can provide invaluable information for broad number of professionals in agriculture, environmental scientists or historians. This is a sequel of the Prague INSPIRE Hack 2019 TEAM 2: Agro-Climatic Zones – Taking a Look at the Power of Water SourcesPrague INSPIRE Hack 2018 TEAM 8: Delimiting of Agro-Climatic Zones and INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 TEAM 12: Delimiting of Agro-Climatic Zones. This project is being developed as part of the EUXDAT, DataBio and InteCom projects.

CHALLENGE no 3: Traffic Modeller GUI

Mentors: Karel Jedlička, Jan Sháněl, Daniel Beran, František Kolovský, Petr Vácha

Project description: During Prague INSPIRE Hackathon 2019 our team has successfully interconnected the Traffic Modeler with a GUI based on HS Layers. In this instalment we will try to incorporate more advanced features: Delta traffic map allowing for comparison in between different traffic models, user login allowing saving of a model and visualization of real time traffic. This project is being developed within the PoliVisu project.