Plan4all is a non-profit association sustaining and further enhancing results of multiple research and innovation projects. Plan4all conducts research and experimental development and transfers results of such activities into practice.

Plan4all aggregates large open datasets related to planning activities in different specialisms including spatial planning, transport, urban planning, environment, tourism and precision/autonomous farming. Plan4all makes sure that open data are easily accessible for reuse, data are maintained and their quality is improved.

Plan4all is an umbrella organisation of 48 partners from 20 countries including public bodies, universities, research organisations and business partners. Plan4all is a proud member of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative.

The main objective of Plan4all is to offer open data for reuse in research, development & business innovation in the following areas:

  • spatial planning,
  • transport,
  • smart mobility,
  • smart cities,
  • open data,
  • spatial data standards,
  • IT custom development,
  • geodata hub development,
  • data management, harmonisation, processing & visualisation,
  • geographic information systems,
  • traffic engineering,
  • traffic modelling,
  • sensor data,
  • environmental planning,
  • business development & modelling,
  • user testing,
  • marketing,
  • communications & social media.

The idea of creating the Plan4all association arose as a result of the eContentplus project Plan4all (2009-2011). It was established during the FP7 project Plan4business (2012-2014). Plan4all was focused on large scale spatial planning data harmonisation in Europe and provided draft INSPIRE data specifications for five spatial data themes including land use and land cover. Plan4business developed an open data platform for aggregation, management and analysis of spatial planning information.

The Plan4all association is supported by its members and several EU projects including:

  • DataBio that researches and innovates the concept and exploitation of the open data sets managed by Plan4all,
  • NextGEOSS that explores the possibilities of open data update using Earth observation data,
  • SKIN that serves as a thematic network for better and sustainable use of our land,
  • SDI4Apps provides mainly means for accessing data by developers (APIs),
  • OpenTransportNet specialises in the transport domain and related applications,
  • FOODIE focuses on precision farming.

Plan4all is managed by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Centre for Science and Society and Help Service Remote Sensing. The membership is open for other partners interested in cooperation on open (spatial) data and related issues.