Bari DataBio IoT for Agriculture INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

The Bari DataBio IoT INSPIRE Hackathon is other hackathon from INSPIRE series.. Main reason will be to support re use of DataBio tools and also support of utilisation of

  1. Applications for telemetry – focus on integration of different telemetry unit with Farm Management Information Systems for effective management of farm machinery
  2. Applications based on the ISOBUS protocol – how could be used ISOXML for communication between machinery and implements and also how ISOXML can be used for communication with precision farming systems
  3. (Remote) sensing technologies – using remote sensing technologies for preparing recommendation for application of fertilisers for different types of crops
  4. IoT applied to machinery – using IoT technologies for online crop and monitoring and also for measurement of meteorological data from machinery

The DataBio hackaton will take place at the Agrilevante Fair, Padiglione 20 (Pavillon 20), at Fiera di Bari (Bari Fair District).