TEAM 11: To Determine Fertilization Timing

TEAM LEADER: Karl Gutbrod


PROJECT IDEA: A common problem of farmer relates to the decision when and where to fertilize the soil in relation to a given crop stage, weather conditions or field topography. With this project idea we want to prepare for a potential user a set of tools helping him to decide about the feasibility and  rentability of going to the field and fertilize given a current weather and soil conditions in given relief and potentially also given a current crop stage.

Decision criteria are:

  • is nitrogen fertilisation useful  in that area (land use map) – not in forest, water
  • is nitrogen fertilisation permitted in that area (optional: map of water catchment areas, seasonal restrictions, protected areas)
  • is the crop at the right stage (Satellite maps: is the crop in a phenological phase that requires fertilizer? + photographs acquired from the smartphone (both optional))
  • is the soil not too wet to apply fertilizer and drive with a tractor (soil type and moisture ).


  • multiple corn fields in Austria


  • Open land use map
  • Crop growth incrementation from Sentinel-2
  • Soil type
  • Climate: rainfall, wind.., as well as historical weather data
  • Soil moisture
  • topography

TEAM 6: Cloud Version of SensLog

TEAM LEADER: Ondřej Kaas

PROJECT IDEA: New version of SensLog was implemented during last months. This new version is more oriented on SensLog deployment in the cloud environment. New SensLog version is based on modern frameworks and with emphasize on real time processing.  The project is focused on testing of deployment of new SensLog and testing of API.

TEAM 4: REST API from Traffic Modelling

TEAM LEADER: František Kolovský/University of West Bohemia

PROJECT IDEA: The goal of the project is developing REST API for the traffic modeling. The traffic modeling will be provided as a service via API. The backend of the API will be based on Python programing language using Flask framework. The final API should be ensured complete data, account and modelling management for transport modelling for a city area. The API will be used by Javascript frontend application.

The computing of the traffic will be ensured by using Apache Spark with JobServer (REST API for Apache). PostgreSQL with PostGIS extension will be used for data storage. OpenTransportMap is a suitable data source for creating road network for modelling.