PoliRural webinar: Semantic Explorer: A Text Mining Tool for Smart Research

Semantic Explorer, or Semex, is a powerful text analytics tool that works with structured and unstructured data sources to provide insights to policy makers, researchers, foresight practitioners and others who need to make informed decisions while working with large amounts of information under time constraints. A typical foresight workshop, for example, requires a lot of research to prepare briefing notes, background papers, and lists of different kinds e.g. curated reading lists (CRL) with references. In PoliRural, Semex was used to improve the quality of this preparatory work and the productivity of those responsible for its execution. For example, Semex users can find out what the article, оr a CRL, is about by looking at the system-generated summary, geo-location, keyword frequencies, and sentiment scores associated with different paragraphs and topics – all without having to read the whole thing end to end. This workshop will explain how Semex was built, how it works, as well as its current and future potential based on the experience of some PoliRural pilot regions. The event will feature an interactive session to allow participants to ask questions and/or respond to any of the points mentioned in the presentations.

Jun 22, 2022 11:00 AM in Brussels


photo of Denis KolokolDenis Kolokol Data Scientist and Developer @KAJO Denis Kolokol graduated in 2000 from Zaporizhzhya Technical State University (Ukraine), with a MS degree in Computer Science and Management Systems, and since then has been busy developing systems of all scales in many international teams. His roles varied from tech designer and software / database engineer to data scientist and researcher. For the last several years he has been mainly focused on the development of intelligent web-services and APIs with streaming data from social resources, natural text processing and big data analysis. Prefers to work on the projects with “open data” philosophy or related to science and/or education. Particularly interested in ML applications to text processing, as well as and computer vision, statistics, and physics. His area of expertise includes languages and frameworks such as Python, SuperCollider, Django, RESTful API, Elasticsearch, Mongodb, PostgreSQL, Docker, etc.

photo of Tuula Löytty

Tuula Löytty CEO @Smart & Lean Hub Tuula has contributed to Häme (FI) region’s research, development and innovation actions for 18 years. The interventions have been addressed to value chain improvements through case studies, experiments, and capacity building. The typical target field has been the manufacturing industry and working adults.


Agrihub INSPIRE Hackathon 2022: Results

After more than two months of hacking, the Agrihub INSPIRE Hackathon 2022 was terminated by a final presentation of results & awards ceremony. The jury members

  • Emilija Oreščanin (BioSense Institute)
  • Bente Lilja Bye (BLB)
  • Sjaak Wolfert (Wageningen Economic Research)
  • Jesus Maria Estrada Villegas (Tragsa)
  • John O’Flaherty (MAC)
  • Janek Wágner (The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)

announced the following winners for the hackathon:

Congratulations to all the winning teams and many thanks for excellent work to all participants! See you in next INSPIRE Hackathon!

All webinars: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtlv9mpEnDeEmLuHpeeBb1A/search?query=Agrihub%20INSPIRE%20Hackathon%202022

Use of satellite and sensor data in practice (April 28, 2022)

On Thursday, April 28, we co-organized a seminar in the Úhlava, o.p.s.

Its aim was to present pilot applications in the field of satellite and sensor data not only from the Pilsen region. Thank you to all the speakers and guests present for participating!
Other co-organizers of the event were: Úhlava, o.p.s., EUROPE DIRECT KLATOVY, Plan4All, z. s.WirelessInfoLesprojekt-službyCzech Open Solutions Center spol. s r.o.Západočeská univerzita v Plzni and Šumavaprodukt s. r. o.
Below the photos from the event you will find individual presentations and the program of the event ( 20220428_DIH World-konf Final )

The seminar was held with the financial support of the DIH-World project funded under the European program H2020, grant agreement No. 952176

relevant links:

VIDEO: Utilization of Sensors in Agriculture WEBINAR

Utilization of Sensors in Agriculture Webinar – 3/5/2022 Sensors are one of important data producers that are used in many domains, including agriculture. Sensors can be utilized to monitor status of fields, buildings, livestock, machinery, delivery products and many many others use cases.

SEMINAR: Use of sensor data in practice

(introduction of pilot applications not only in the Pilsen region)

The seminar takes place on April 28, 2022 in the Úhlava Education Center, o.p.s. in Klatovy, Plánická 174


9.00 – 9.10 Opening and welcoming of participants – Úhlava, o. P. S.
9.10 – 9.30 Presentation of the project MANDOLIN and DIH – World – Tomáš Mildorf and Kristýna Čerbová, Plan4all z.s.

Working with satellite data

9.30 – 9.50 Sentinel 2 and Sentinel 1 data processing for agriculture (What data can bring us, what are the problems and benefits) – Heřman Šnevajs and Karel Charvát, WirelessInfo
9.50 – 10.00 Generate your own zones – Jan Macura, Wirelessinfo / Dmitrij Kožuch, Plan4All z.s.
10.00 – 10.15 How to ensure the sharing and sale of satellite products using blockchain technology – Jiří Kvapil, Lesprojekt – služby, s.r.o.
10.15 – 10.45 FarmINSIDER – a platform that integrates research results and methods into an application for end users – Karel Charvát jr., Lesprojekt – služby, s.r.o.
10.45 – 10.55 coffee break

Working with sensors

10.55 – 11.10 Presentation of used solutions in agriculture and food transport – Jaroslav Šmejkal, Lesprojekt – služby, s.r.o.
11.10 – 11.30 Hardware solutions in agriculture and food transport – Agronode and Teltonika – Marek Musil, Czech Open Solutions Center spol. s r.o. and Jaroslav Šmejkal, Lesprojekt – služby, s.r.o.
11.30 – 11.40 Senslog – solution for sensor data collection – Michal Kepka, UWB in Pilsen
11.40 – 12.00 Applications for working with sensors (IE20, Dashboard) – Michal Kepka, UWB in Pilsen
12.00 – 12.20 refreshment break

Support for local sales

12.20 – 12.35 Regional specialties and Atlas of regional specialties – Petr Horák, WirelessInfo
12.35 – 12.45 Sales of regional specialties (e-shop) – Radana Šašková, Úhlava, o.p.s., and Tomáš Zelený, Šumavaprodukt, s.r.o.
12.45 – 13.00 What’s next? – Karel Charvát WirelessInfo

The seminar is intended for owners, managers and other managers and organizational staff of agricultural enterprises, producers and distributors and food trade workers with their own logistics. Due to the current pandemic situation, some contributions may be presented online.

Please do not forget to register to participate.

The seminar is held with the financial support of the DIH-World project funded under the European program H2020, grant agreement No. 952176