DataBio final stakeholder event

Data-driven Bioeconomy: from Field to Fork
12th of December 2019 at the Polyfunctional theatre ANCHE CINEMA (
Corso Italia, 112, 70123 Bari (BA), Italy.

The event is promoted by DataBio, the largest H2020 project working on Big Data and Bioeconomy to improve bioeconomy, supporting the development and delivery of novel services and technologies in Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry.

DataBio is a lighthouse project focused on bioeconomy and driven by the development, use and evaluation of 26 pilots covering agriculture (13), forestry (7) and fishery (6). The pilots aim to contribute to the production of the best possible raw materials from the 3 sectors to improve the output of food, energy and biomaterials, responsibly and sustainably.

During the DataBio final stakeholder event you will be able to join:

  • Networking coffee and city visit – to find potential partners and customers for developing your own project ideas and business
  • Presentation of the project DataBio, in terms of: Project big picture, Platform and Pilots presentation, main results with focus on Agriculture Pilot scenarios
  • Networking with other EU projects in the bioeconomy domain, sponsoring the event: DEMETER (GA n°720714), KARMA2020 (GA n°723268), BIOPEN (GA n°745719)
  • Open discussions to provide your feedback and inputs, directing tools and services development during the project.

The event represent an excellent opportunity to enjoy one of the oldest Italian cities, while establishing business relationships and join Big EU funded projects to support your business.

Event agenda

10:30Event registration and coffee break
11:00 – 11:15Welcome & AgendaRoberto Russo (CiaoTech/PNO)
11:15 – 11:30Project big picture and main resultsThanasis Poulakidas (Intrasoft)
11:30 – 11:45Platform presentationCaj Södergård (VTT)
11:45 – 12:00Agriculture pilotsKarel Charvat (Lesprojekt)
12:00 – 12:30Panel Debate: bioeconomy scenariosEphrem Habyarimana (CREA)
12:30 – 14:00DataBio tasting experience by Gambero Rosso: local cuisine with excellent local products selected according to criteria of high quality, typicality / biodiversity.
14:00 – 18:00Guided tour
▪ Basilica of San Nicola
▪ Museo Nicolaiano
▪ alleys of the old town
stops at small shops where typical local dishes are prepared
18:00Final show cooking and tasting experience by Gambero Rosso Academy chefs, the world’s authority on Italian food, wine and travel. Food pairings with local wines by Gambero Rosso sommeliers

more information:

Bari DataBio IoT for Agriculture INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

The DataBio project is organising a new hackaton in Bari (Italy) on the 11th and the 12th of October. We are looking for hackers who want to attack one of more of the following challenges related to machinery, sensing technologies, IoT and more…  

  1. Applications for telemetry – focus on integration of different telemetry unit with Farm Management Information Systems for effective management of farm machinery
  2. Applications based on the ISOBUS protocol – how could be used ISOXML for communication between machinery and implements and also how ISOXML can be used for communication with precision farming systems
  3. (Remote) sensing technologies – using remote sensing technologies for preparing recommendation for application of fertilisers for different types of crops
  4. IoT applied to machinery – using IoT technologies for online crop and monitoring and also for measurement of meteorological data from machinery
  5. OPEN CHALLENGE – Any innovation related to IoT and/or agricultural machinery

The DataBio hackaton will take place at the Agrilevante Fair, Padiglione 20 (Pavillon 20), at Fiera di Bari (Bari Fair District).  

Agriculture DWG Report – 111th OGC Technical Committee

27 June 2019

The most important thing for this WG

Agriculture address number of technical standardisation effort inside of OGC, we need made link between Agriculture DWG and Technical groups

Key topics recognized during meeting

  • Semantic, Ontologies and Linked Data (not only Open Linked Data) – in this direction seems to be important build harmonized models for soil and parcels (plot information). JSON formats, WFS 3.0 and other activities has to bee consider
  • Trust and security of information and methods of data sharing
  • New visualization methods including 3D
  • Metadata standard and linkage of metadata and data using new standards GeoDCAT IP, etc., how to search metadata using search engines
  • IoT technology and standardization in this domain
  • Maps as object in relation to An Open Format Linking Geospatial Web Services and Information
  • Mobile access and citizens science methods or VGI methods
  • Cloud and HPC computing
  • FAIR data principles
  • EO is one from key sources of information for agriculture
  • ISOBUS and standards for machinery monitoring

Current situation in Europe

  • In Europe is number of large projects, which can contribute to standardization effort
    • DataBio
    • IoF2020
    • EUXDAT
    • EO4Agri
    • Demeter
    • CYBELE
  • We need use potential of this project to help implementing standards in agriculture

Next steps

  • Organize similar event on next TC meeting in Canada with focus on research and commercial activities on Amrerican continent
  • Build strong link with Asia, Australia and New Zeeland (we had presentation on this meeting)
  • Organize regular virtual meetings focused on single topics like semantic, IoT and prepare from this meetings suggestion for next TC meetings
  • Elaborate ideas and look for sponsors for Precision Farmin Test Beds

Questionnaire – Food Production and Food Safety

Dear farmers, experts of agro-food industry and all of you who participate in food production

As a result of your work, we have on our table milk, cheese and ham with eggs every day. Please help us to fill in this questionnaire in order to propose to the European Commission a strategy how to improve the use of Earth observation (EO) data for the benefit of you and all of us.

Our research team consisting of 11 organizations from seven EU countries. More details can be found at

We would be grateful if you could spend 10 minutes of your time to fill in this questionnaire and we will try to improve the quality of information for food production and food safety in the near future.

Thank you in advance for completing the questionnaire

Karel Charvát, Václav Šafář, Miguel Ángel Esbri

You can open the questionnaire in another tab: LSclses5 2F4Yes0I_hVvpFMSAjmEk17c9NYXZUpb1xMc8Rd8xw/formResponse

AgriFuture Day 17th Dec 2018 – ICT for Agriculture, Vienna

Club of Ossiach and PROGIS are excited to announce the 6th AGRIFUTRE DAYS will be taking place in Vienna, Austria, on 17th December 2018Kindly find preliminary agenda and registration form here:

This year’s AgriFuture Day, taking place 1 day before the EU-Africa Forum, will bring together senior executives and experts from science and economy concerning rural management, technology providers, and leading financial service providers, to discuss the latest challenges and developments making an impact on planning and management of the agro-forest-environment sector globally, topically with focus on Europe and Africa.

A quick update about the most important news:

PROGIS could move forward technologically in cooperation with GI GmbH (Geomatic Intelligence), PROGIS International (financing group) as well asthe Vienna-based Club SDCC (SAFER digital country Consortium – new-founded Club aiming group to synergetic selected companies that have expertise and / or technologies for planning, management or control of rural areas and focus to the needs of agriculture, forestry, environment or related sectors). Synergetic partners are welcome.

This is expressed in new EU projects in co-operation with ATOS (largest IT group of Europe) and Internet project development with Microsoft´s azure platform, as well as integration of the new EU-Sentinel II satellite images and others with EO4AGRI(bringing together the knowledge for better agriculture monitoring) supports EC activities in the field of satellite imagery all over the world, as well as their impact on planning and management of agro – forestry and environmental tasks and EC subsidies for  agriculture and forestry.

Beside single users we focus on entire country solutions to integrate all user-groups. With IDIMA (IDentification of IMAges) as WinGIS module, an IT tool, which can overtake the analysis and automatic digitization of images, will be ready beginning 2019. With the product in conjunction with images it will in future be possible, to be able to identify, analyze, evaluate and digitize global ecological problems. For this purpose, it is planned to establish a training centre with the Club of Ossiach in Austria. The Club of Ossiach participates in the EU project EUXDAT (European e-infrastructure for extreme data analytics in sustainable development) .