QGIS as a Client for DataBio/FOODIE RDF Data

We started to develop the project for the Prague Hackathon related to use of the desktop solution QGIS as a client for DataBio/FOODIE RDF Data. The work is divided into next steps:

  • Find farm/field boundaries on the client side (QGIS)
  • Display selected data from the farm/field
  • Query the server with satellite data for data from the farm/field
  • Display the selected satellite data for the farm/field in QGIS

That there is no common interface/API for sharing relevant field boundaries data between platforms. It’s therefore difficult to query different satellite hubs and request processed data from these hubs and then also receive back raster of vector data for concrete fields or farms. We would like to use this hackathon as a start for such discussion among different players to agree a set of standards that would enable interoperability between different hubs. We would like to ask all for comments and ideas. Please contact us at charvat(at)lesprojekt.cz and join our effort.