TEAM 11:

Project leader: Ondrej Vesely ondrej.vesely(at)

Team members: Michal Kepka (University of West Bohemia)

Project idea: allows hackhathon participants to a near-unlimited usage of it’s REST API. The API allows user’s to identify a plant based on a photo (and geolocation) of a plant or tree. 
Some ideas what you can build with the plant identification API

  • Drone-based flora identification for the purpose of automated endangered species mapping
  • Hardware device enabling automated Lawn-mowers to avoid cutting garden plants
  • Extracting plant species locations from the available geotagged photos (Google Maps, Twitter, …) and correlate the occurrence with various INSPIRE data layers (especially Orthoimagery, Biotopes, Soil and Atmospheric conditions)
  • Smart Plant identification from video recordings including bounding boxes determination