TEAM 10: RogainOnline

TEAM LEADER: Raitis Bērziņš raitisbe at

TEAM MEMBERS: Raitis Bērziņš

PROJECT IDEA: RogainOnline is an Android GPS based orienteering game which lets users collect virtual checkpoints in a similar way to a Rogaining competition only in a personalized manner. Basic phone based gameplay and web platform has already been developed, but still a lot of work needs to be done. Orienteering maps need to be sourced, georeferenced and added to the platform. Social network integration needs to be expanded and also some new game elements like simultaneous competitions and score boards and course composer needs to be developed. Ideas and prototypes for selling and distribution of high resolution orienteering maps could also be worked out.

Technologies used:

  • Android / Kotlin programming + GMaps on phone side
  • Vue.js (client) + Express (Backend) for web platform
  • OSM data for Europe to check validity of control locations

Links to android app and web platform: