Information for participants of San Juan INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

This page should answer your questions related to the hackathon organization.

Questions & Answers

Where can I download the data?

  • Climatic data – data downloaded from Copernicus Climate Data Store, namely ERA 5-Land data.
  • Digital Elevation Model – source: SRTM, resp. derived ALOS Global Digital Surface Model called AW3D30.
  • Sensor data – example datasets of soil water potential, soil temperature, air temperature air humidity, from period 2016/01/26 – 2017/03/13.

Which tools can I use?

  • Euxdat e-infrastructure (
  • GIS packages such as QGIS, GRASS, gvSIG, ArcGIS …
  • Mathematical modeling software, such e.g. Software R, MathLab, …
  • Earth Observation data processing software, such as Goolge Earth Engine, OrfeoToolbox, …
  • Spreadsheets, such as google docs, Libre Office, Microsoft Office, …

Where should I document my progress?

  • There is a google document dedicated to the detailed description of your team. You should shortly introduce your team, describe the initial idea and keep track of your progress. You can use either the one document prepared for all teams together or you can create your own document and link it in the parent doc.

How can I provide my feedback?

  • There is a form prepared for your feedback. You can either provide feedback on behalf of the team together or you can give us your personal feedback. Please fill at least one feedback per team until the end of Friday. But you can fill the feedback continuously during the hackathon, as once you fill it for the first time, you are provided with a link to edit your feedback anytime.