TEAM 7 Progress Report I

Smart Points of Interest – Publication of Open Data in Africa as 5-star Linked Open Data

This is the first progress report of the team no 7 of the Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019. The team is led by Otakar Cerba.

The goal of this team is to publish selected spatial open data from Kenya and other African countries as 5-star Linked Open Data (LOD). The datasets will be transformed and integrated into the Smart Points of Interest (SPOI) data model. The data model for the SPOI was designed during the SDI4Apps project and provides a universal exchange approach to publish point based data in RDF format according to the the linked open data (LOD) principles.

Team 7 Smart Points of Interest – Publication of Open Data in Africa as 5-star Linked Open Data performed the following activities in the past weeks:

  • Webinar (Friday 5 April, 10am) – during the webinar the Smart Points of Interest (SPOI) and initial statements of the team were introduced.
  • Shared folder development – the folder contains presentations about SPOI in general, SPOI in Kenya, SPOI data model and Team 7 ideas; there are also shared documents to add new ideas or comments to Team 7 activity and new data resources for transformation to SPOI.
  • Ideas collection
    • To find relevant open data resource for SPOI,
    • To design and realize harmonization processes of existing data to SPOI
    • To discuss future development of SPOI Ontology
    • To find business opportunities for SPOI, to define benefits of using SPOI (and 5-star LOD in general) for real GIT solutions
    • Landing pages for Kenya
    • Search for Web pages in Kenya
  • Data resources collection – Health Facilities in Kenya and data resources from Team 2

The Team 7 has registered 29 participants (2 from Asia, 8 from Europe and 19 from Africa). Twelve participants were registered to the webinar, but only four participated actively. An overview of the countries represented in this team is shown below.