TEAM 9: Social Space for Smart Farming

Project leader: Petr Uhlir uhlir(at)

Team members: Marek Splichal, Michal Kepka, Andrei Grishanov, Ratis Berzins, Raul Palma, Ilze Bargā, Karel Charvat, Jiri Kvapil, Dmitrij Kozuch

The goal is  to design and developed prototype of Agriculture Innovative Hub, which will integrate on one side principles of social media like Blog, Forum, design Science Shop, which will be able to connect users with developers and researchers and also integrate different types of demo application, where farmers developers, researchers will have chance to cooperate, test different API for new solution and also provide common experiment. Solution will be based on utilization of Liferay Portal and as backend will use SQL and non SQL database and will integrate tools like SensLog, HSlayers NG etc.