TEAM 6: Shortage Chain from Farm to Consumer

Project leader: Radana Saskova saskova(at)

Team: Pavel Vondracek, Jiri Hamhalter; Ivo Šašek, Kristýna Čerbová; Sarka Horakova;, Petr Horak, Marek Splichal, Petr Uhlir, Simon Leitgeb, Ota Cerba

The Czech Living Lab pilot in the Liverur project is focused on better support of direct selling of products from farm to consumers and linkage between farming and tourism. We would like to meet with you and discus the concept of building an e-commerce platform to support this selling, but also discuss business models for the purpose of such applications. Who is interested about this topic, please join our team, we would like share the experience and build something valuable.