TEAM 7: Amunsio Location Platform – Governmental Demonstration

Project leader: Mira Wolf mirek.wolff(at)

Team members: Runar Bergheim, Raitis Berzins, Petr Uhlir, Ota Cerba, Karel Charvat

Test/assessment team from Finland: Ilkka Sipilä (Hollolan Hirvi), Pirjo Räsänen (Ellare Oy), Jana Parpala (VivaSlovakia), Riika Kivelä (Regional Council of Päijät-Häme), Marko Mälly (Regional Council of Päijät-Häme), Liisa Karlsson (student of Construction Technology), Janina Maukonen (student of Adventure Tourism), Tuula Löytty

Achieving sustainable tourism requires new policies, new incentive instruments and development of infrastructure in addition to behavioral change within government, investment and business sectors — as well as in the consumer pattern of tourists. Tourism development is initiated through either private initiative or government strategy; often due to a combination of the two where a successful private venture awakens government sector to the dormant potential of the sector.

During previous project, mainly SDI4Apps www.sdi4apps two large database were developed: Smart Point of Interest SPOI

And Open Land Use

Currently Government agencies lack tools to inform their policies and strategies; investors lack tools to identify sustainable tourism investment prospects and; businesses lack tools to identify potential sustainable tourism, businesses need tools to build and package products and services — and tourists, looking for sustainable tourism options, need help finding out where and how to travel.

The idea of Hackathon project is to demonstrate on one region, how this data sets could be used for development of sustainable tourism in region. We will target on:

  • To help governments identify potential and build strategies for sustainable tourism and what infrastructure investments and incentives are needed to realize it
  • To help investors and financial institutions, identify investment opportunities for sustainable tourism including real-estate, development projects and services