This is a list of open data sources that can be reused for your INSPIRE Hack 2017 projects:

Open Land Use Map ( – Open Land Use Map is a composite map that is intended to create detailed land-use maps of various regions based on certain pan-European datasets such as CORINE Land Cover, Urban Atlas enriched by available regional data.

Smart Point of Interest ( – Open and seamless SPOI data set, which is based on Linked data principles, contains over 27 million Points of Interest important for tourism from around the world.

Open Transport Map ( –  Open Transport Map allows routing and visualization of traffic volumes of the whole EU (and many other ways of innovative exploitation) The underlying data come from OpenStreetMap and are accessible in a scheme compatible to INSPIRE Transport Network

Open Transport Net Hub ( – Turn your open geospatial data into insights and easy-to-read, visually appealing maps. Help your city or business solve transport related challenges by applying innovative insights and co-creating new services together with developers, data providers and community representatives.

IoT Discovery View ( – The application IoT Discovery View is a visualization client for a sensors catalogue built on the IoT Discovery Generic Enabler. The IoT Discovery View enables users to preview locations of sensors, to filter the sensors according to observed phenomenon and to pick out appropriate sensors identified by the described attributes.