TEAM 5: Extension of Smart Points of Interest

TEAM LEADER: Otakar Čerba

PROJECT IDEA: The dataset Smart Points of Interest (SPOI) will be extended by new features related to tourism, traffic and other fitting domains. These items will be mined from accessible open and free data (provided by various APIs). The activity will include not only data searching, but also transformation, harmonization and setting of maintenance and updating processes.

TEAM 4: Agri Pool and Bioeconomy Development

TEAM LEADER: Lizzy Igbine

PROJECT IDEA:  Agri Pool is a display of opportunities and applications in bioeconomy. Agriculture is the next pool to link bio economy and sustainable development. This work  space will explore research and development to agri bioeconomy. Members from the agriculture sectors will explore the many bioeconomies in agriculture and food security.

TEAM 3: Improving Open Land Use Map by Using Satellite Data

TEAM LEADER: Dmitri Kozuch

PROJECT IDEA: In many cases it is difficult to derive Land Use from Land Cover directly. For instance, say we have land cover map of a region and want to derive land use map of urban areas. So we use land cover as a mask to get urban areas. In this particular case we mask Sentinel-2 image with the mask of urban areas. And after we develop suitable image classification of this urban areas that would allow us to tell where are industrial areas, where commercial areas, where residential areas, where recreational areas etc… The members of the team need to decide on the pilot area. Probably it is good to select a cloudless area, so that it is easy to find cloudfree image from Sentinel-2. As an output there should be described workflow and classification algorithm used.

We are looking for partners dealing with Land Use Data around the World,  we are sure, that with your help we will be able to to:

  • Improve current Open Land Use
  • Extended Open Land Use into other regions and countries

We are looking also for organisation managing Open Data (Land Use, Plans, Topography, Cadastre, LPIS and other relevant data), which could be used.

If you are interested, please register at

TEAM 2: Application to plan a trip to the seaside based on data from Copernicus

TEAM LEADER: Dmitri Kozuch

PROJECT IDEA: The idea is to create an application that will help people to plan a trip to the seaside based on Copernicus (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service, Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service,  European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) data and possibly other open datasets. The physical variables that would be nice to analyze are following: temperature of air and sea, UV index, water and air quality, air velocity and humidity. Except this factors there could be also others such as proximity and specific points of interest taken into account. As a result there should be created a prototype of the application.

We are looking for potential of other meteorological data and forecast for integration.

If you are interested, please register at

TEAM 1: Open Land Use and its metadata in RDF

TEAM LEADERS: Raul Palma, Dmitri Kozuch

PROJECT IDEA: The main idea is to put Open Land Use dataset and also its metadata (from in RDF format into Virtuoso and explore SPARQL queries that would combine data with metadata. For instance: Show me the datasets (municipalities) where more than 50% of the area is covered by residential areas and data were collected not later than 5 years ago? This query combines some metadata (such as year of data collection and municipality which data covers) with data itself  (object features with residential land use). For automatization of such queries it is necessary to have both data and metadata available for querying and interconnected. In ideal case the output will be endpoint where it will be possible to query both OLU data and metadata, some model queries and possibly some visualization of query results.