TEAM 3: Improving Open Land Use Map by Using Satellite Data

TEAM LEADER: Dmitri Kozuch

PROJECT IDEA: In many cases it is difficult to derive Land Use from Land Cover directly. For instance, say we have land cover map of a region and want to derive land use map of urban areas. So we use land cover as a mask to get urban areas. In this particular case we mask Sentinel-2 image with the mask of urban areas. And after we develop suitable image classification of this urban areas that would allow us to tell where are industrial areas, where commercial areas, where residential areas, where recreational areas etc… The members of the team need to decide on the pilot area. Probably it is good to select a cloudless area, so that it is easy to find cloudfree image from Sentinel-2. As an output there should be described workflow and classification algorithm used.

We are looking for partners dealing with Land Use Data around the World,  we are sure, that with your help we will be able to to:

  • Improve current Open Land Use
  • Extended Open Land Use into other regions and countries

We are looking also for organisation managing Open Data (Land Use, Plans, Topography, Cadastre, LPIS and other relevant data), which could be used.

If you are interested, please register at