Mobile App for Open Land Use

An improvement of design and user interface of the OLU mobile application was made during last period. Rules of the Material Design ( were incorporated in the new design. The design of both mobile and web browser version of the application will be unified for the future. Some features of the graphical user interface were improved other one will be added during next steps. In general, changes should bring straightforward and more consistency of the GUI and thus easier usage of the application. One of mashups is shown on the next figure. A prototype will be finished in the next step and tested on new features. According to testing results, web services of the SensLog VGI module will be modified.

Metadata Catalogue for the Open Land Use Map

TEAM LEADER: Dmitrij Kožuch

TEAM MEMBERS: Dmitrij Kožuch, Karel Charvat, Štěpán Kafka

PROJECT IDEA: The aim of the project is to publish metadata about the Open Land Use (  map dataset as a whole, as well as about the whole hierarchy of European NUTS units. Technologically the metadata will be published through MICKA metadata catalogue using both ISO19115/19119/19139 and GeoDCAT AP standard. As well as vector data for download – the various services will be published. It is also possible to try to publish metadata about RDF version of Open Land Use Map (

Using GeoDCAT AP Specification for Sharing Metadata in GEOSS and INSPIRE

This is one of the project ideas for the INSPIRE Hack 2017:

TEAM LEADER: Karel Charvat

TEAM MEMBERS: Stepan Kafka, Marek Splichal, Dmitrij Kozuch

PROJECT IDEA:  The goal is to test different implementations of GeoDCAT AP which could be a basis for implementation of INSPIRE and GEOSS solutions and for sharing metadata between different projects (DataBio, NextGEOSS, etc). Please join our team. Register yourself and contact me