8. Analysis of climatic trends in selected regions

Mentor: Jaroslav Šmejkal

The main components of EUXDAT & Stargate Climatic data processing HUB are the following:

  • EUXDAT Portal: It is the entrance point to EUXDAT functionalities. It provides a web GUI which gives access to the workflow execution tool, monitoring of data analytics execution, the catalogue and other useful tools;
  • Identity and Authorization Manager: This component is responsible of managing user accounts and managing access to the functionalities and data in EUXDAT, according to security policies and to the rights granted to each user;
  • Data & Algorithms Catalogue: It keeps a record of all the algorithms, applications and datasets which are available in EUXDAT;
  • Data & Algorithms Repository: This component deals with the storage of datasets, algorithms and images, in general, that will be used for running data analyses;
  • Data Manager: It is the component in charge of moving data to the proper location. It will configure and operate extraction APIs for accessing several data sources. For doing so, it also has all the data connectors that are necessary;
  • SLA Manager: It agrees on quality attributes to fulfil and the values to be met for each attribute. It also retrieves information about the monitoring of such attributes in order to detect SLA breaches;
  • Orchestrator: It deals with the management of resources, mainly from the functional perspective, deploying the algorithms and the corresponding data in the optimal location. It also deals with the application profiles generation and management;
  • Monitoring: It retrieves information about the resources execution and status, as well as about the algorithms execution and datasets status.

Challenge Description: Analysis of climatic trends in selected regions

Analysis of situation and climatic trends in regions for following variabled: precipitation, evaporation, sunny days and temperature.