9. Building SIEUSOIL Metadata profile for Soil Data

Mentors: Tomas Pavelka, Tomas Reznik, Lukas Herman, Karel Charvat

The SIEUSOIL Hub is designed and implemented as an open source webGIS system and is called the SIEUSOIL Eurasian Soil Platform or SIEUSOIL Platform. This soil platform is composed from next Open Source components:

  • OpenMicka
  • Geoserver
  • Mapserver
  • Layman
  • Postgis
  • Postgress
  • Virtuoso

Challenge Description: To design SIEUSoil Metadata profile and implement this metadata profile in OpenMicka Platform as a proof-of-concept for linking geospatial data and services on the level of their metadata descriptions. The secondary goal is to collect/adopt/transform metadata from existing metadata sources related to soil platform and publish this metadata in SIEUSoil metadata catalogue.