5. Clustering of European NUTS 3 regions based on different parameters

Mentor: Karel Charvat

The Polirural innovation Hub will be central real and virtual space, where all stakeholder (policymakers, public servant, regional development agencies, NGO, citizens, scientist, developers, data experts, planners) will meet and share their needs and achievements to improve policy and decision making on local, regional and eventually national level. The core  of Innovation Hub will be platform Digital Innovation Hub (DiH). This DiH will also support sharing of information with other projects and initiatives. Innovation Hub objectives:

  • offer access to data cross European NUTS3 regions
  • Offering other pan european Data sets like Open Land Use, Smart Point of Interest
  • offer development environment based on Jupyter notebook and list of other tools supporting development of new application
  • HSlayers NG

Challenge Description Clustering of European NUTS 3 regions based on different parameters: The goal is to develop applications, which will support clustering of European NUTS 3 . The Apps will allow to select different parameters from existing database, provide clustering on base of this parameters and visualise results