Lisbon INSPIRE Hackathon 2019: Team 2 – Inclusion of Scientific Publications in Geospatial User Feedback

TEAM LEADER: Alaitz Zabala, UAB, alaitz.zabala(at)


PROJECT IDEA:  Simplify the inclusion of scientific publications in the Geospatial User Feedback by adding an automatic import from a RIS citation format.

Feedback items related to publications in several elements: publications, reference documents,… 

Currently, describing a scientific publication when filling in a Geospatial User Feedback item, means describing much information and even creating new resources (e.g. individual authors). This is currently a manual process, so mistakes can be taken.

As many journals allow describing a citation using standard formats such as RIS, the Geospatial User Feedback system, NiMMbus, can benefit by adding the functionality of automatically importing the RIS citation format. This will lead to the easy creation of new publication citations.