Lisbon INSPIRE Hackathon 2019: Team 1 – The Future of EO in Agriculture, Possibilities and Constraints

TEAM LEADER: David Kolitzus, GeoVille (

TEAM MEMBERS: Martin Siklar (siklar(at) , Stefanie Rohland (rohland(at), Sigrid Mourits-Andersen (mourits-andersen(at)

PROJECT IDEA: Collect scientific evidence, success stories and related initiatives regarding current Earth Observation (EO) practices to remove or reduce gaps and identify priorities to meet identified key user requirements in the agricultural domain.  This will serve as a basis for reaching out to dedicated EU DGs and the respective decision makers to foster the integration of EO data and related technologies in the agriculture sector.

The findings of this hackathon will be developed further and combined with other knowledge hubs.

This initiative is based on activities in the EO4Agri project –

The additional impact shall be created by reaching out to key science experts to validate our findings.