Conclusions of Team 9 of the Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

The goal of our team (Team 9: Open Transport Map Applications for Africa) was to demonstrate how interactive traffic modelling can improve traffic situation in any city. The demonstration consisted of gathering freely available / open source data and deploying a traffic modeller tool to Nairobi.

We were able to successfully develop a first stage traffic model of Nairobi and publish said model using web app. This web application is publicly accessible and functional. Using apps GUI user is able to change traffic parameters (i.e. road capacity and free flow speed) and thus to explore how will these changes influence traffic volumes in the city.

Another important takeaway from the project is that we were able to pinpoint specific bottlenecks of using only open data (e.g. capacity of road in OSM has shown to be insufficient for precise traffic modelling). Last but not least we were able to effectively communicate within our team across continents and thus discover other GIS/traffic modelling enthusiasts.

In conclusion we believe the goals of our team were met and groundwork has been laid for future traffic related projects in Africa region.