TEAM 4 Progress Report I

IoT Technologies for Africa

This is the first progress report of the team No. 4 of the Nairobi INSPIRE Hackathon 2019. The team is led by Michal Kepka.

The team consists of 51 registered members in total, but only few of them are actively communicating. The structure of the team from countries point of view is very diverse, we have members from Kenya (16), Ghana (6), Nigeria (6), Uganda (3), Czechia (2) and 18 members from 18 other countries.

Here is the webinar recording of this team:

From the expertise point of view, we have experts from agriculture, fishery and forestry domain, IT and GIS experts as well as researchers. The lack of communication can be seen in the structure of selected projects amount. More than half of members have chosen more than 4 other teams to cooperate with. In that case Hackathon have potential to present results from synergies across more teams.

The team has shared document for textual work space and Skype group for
operative communication.

The team has identified several challenges:

  • Research of available sensor data sets in the region of interest
  • Research of used communication technologies
  • Integration of some sensor data sets from different data provide

Installation of SensLog instances has been prepared during last week. Team members will have opportunity to test first release of SensLog v2 during the Hackathon period. In cooperation with Team 8 a special task was defined, to design SensLog module for version 2 for collecting and storing VGI in the database.