TEAM 15: API for Analysis and Prediction of Fuel Consumption

TEAM LEADER: Christian Zinke-Wehlmann [InfAI]

TEAM MEMBERS: Jörg Schließer [InfAI], Willy Steinbach [InfAI], Moritz Engelmann [InfAI]


The main idea is to create an API for analysis and prediction of fuel consumption. Up to now, our focus lay on fishery vessels that are supposed to travel from their current location to a new destination. Given some surrounding conditions and internal measurements we analyze and predict the fuel oil consumption per nautical mile using statistical methods. For training and testing purposes we were provided with full datasets from two vessels over several years each. The overreaching goal is to make live suggestions on how to minimize the consumption for the duration of the travels.

The goal for this Hackathon is to create a RESTful API to be able to access the generated models and make predictions given new data on the fly. We plan to finalize the requirements for the API and have a working prototype by the end of the coding sessions.