TEAM 12: Delimiting of Agro-Climatic Zones

TEAM LEADER: Karel Jedlička, Pavel Hájek

TEAM MEMBERS: Karl Gutbrodt, Marcela Doubkova, Apurva Kochar

PROJECT IDEA: The idea is to provide local Agro-climatic maps by processing detailed EO data and climate model data.

Current climate zones maps are very generic. These show large areas and display only some differences in topography. Characteristics such as seaside buffer zones, weather divides or South-North differences are usually not accounted. The idea is to provide local agro-climatic maps by processing detailed Earth Observation data for topography and land cover.

Such improvements in the climate zones would support local/within-field management strategies. For researchers it may be of interest to use this dataset for decisions related to field trial (climatic) representativeness. Agronomists and insurances may find this dataset useful for risk assessment.

Last but not least, researchers and advisors may find important to check the impact of climate change on given area and decide about future management strategies.

The local climate maps will take following factors into account:

  • General weather conditions (large-scale weather models)
  • Local topography (elevation,, with North/South slopes
  • Buffer effects, such as lakes, sea or swamps
  • Soil types.

Data sources:

  • Weather datasets: ERA5 (ECMWF), NEMS30 (meteoblue).
  • Topography maps: EU-DEM,
  • Land cover / soil maps (JRC)