Paper: Open Data, VGI and Citizen Observatories INSPIRE Hackathon in the IJSDIR Journal

In 2016, the INSPIRE Conference hosted the first INSPIRE hackathon on volunteered geographic information and citizen observatories, also known as the INSPIRE Hackathon. The organisers, mostly representatives of European research and innovation projects, continued this activity with the next INSPIRE Conference in 2017. The INSPIRE Hackathon is a collaborative event for developers, researchers, designers and others interested in open data, volunteered geographic information and citizen observatories. The main driving force for the INSPIRE Hackathon is provided by experts from existing EU projects, and its primary objective is to share knowledge and experience between the participants and demonstrate to wider audiences the power of data and information supported by modern technologies and common standards, originating from INSPIRE, Copernicus, GEOSS and other initiatives. This paper describes the history and background of the INSPIRE Hackathon, the various INSPIRE-related hackathons already organised, supporting projects, the results of INSPIRE Hackathon 2017 and the authors’ vision of future activities.

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