TEAM 9: Metadata and Semantics in the Era of Big Data

TEAM LEADERS: Tomáš Řezník (Masaryk University/Lesprojekt), Raúl Palma (PSNC)

PROJECT IDEA: Our team would like to share with you the latest development of the European Horizon 2020 research and development project called Data-Driven Bioeconomy (DataBio). This DataBio workshop on metadata and semantics in the Era of Big Data may be considered as a starting point for any activity aiming at new way of (geospatial) metadata handling.

More precisely, we would like to focus on the following issues:

  • Tight data and metadata together: ensure updated metadata despite Big data velocity updates.
  • Support metadata heterogeneity: enable discovery of static (e.g. datasets) as well as mobile/other resources (e.g. sensors active during agricultural machinery fleet tracking) in a unified platform.
  • Use efficient encodings: support XML-based format for backwards compatibility, on the contrary use visionary lightweight and semantics-based formats.
  • Integrate metadata in other tools: the best metadata platform is the one where a user does not notice that (s)he works with metadata.