TEAM 1: Using Time Series of Sentinel 2 and LPIS Data for Crop Detection

TEAM LEADER: Vojtěch Lukas vojtech.lukas(at)

TEAM MEMBERS: we are waiting for you …

PROJECT IDEA: Our idea is to combine time series of Sentinel 2 data from different year period in combination with Land Parcel Information System for detection of crops. The goal is not to have only classification of single pixels, but all parcels. We will offer crop rotation data from one large scale farm, LPIS data and time series. The task is to define best time periods for selections of single crops on the base of multi-temporal statistic. The outputs we expect are detection of parcels with more crops and detection of basic group of crops.
We are looking for people for our time to play with us with this data. We don’t expect necessary web publishing of this data, focus is more on methodology.