Webinar – INSPIRE Hack 2017 – Update & Last Invite

It is NOT too late! You can still join the INSPIRE Hack 2017. LEARN HOW you can contribute with your hacking skills to improve our use of Earth observations and VGI to better management of the ENVIRONMENT! Get updates from the team leaders.

Webinar: Thursday, Aug 24th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm CEST

Sign up at  https://blbgroup.lpages.co/inspire-hack-2017/.

We offer a unique opportunity to hack together with international teams. The INSPIRE Hack 2017 supports your contribution to solving environmental and social challenges through science and technology.

  • What is the INSPIRE Hack 2017? Learn about the history of this hackathon, the second of its kind. The topics of this year will be explained so you can see if it is a good match with your motivations and skills.
  • Open data: The INSPIRE Hack 2017 is all about making use of free and open data resources. Learn about the treasures of data made easily available for you in this hackathon.
  • The tools: The INSPIRE Hack 2017 make use of several tools developed in European and other projects.
  • Environmental challenges boiled down to hacking topics: Since July 2017 several specific topics that need be solved to make better use of Earth observations, VGI, and citizen science data, have been identified. 9 team leaders will present these topics for you to choose freely from.
  • What is in it for you? In addition to the opportunity to work in inspirational teams, there are immaterial rewards. Learn what we offer you in return for your engagement.
  • Last chance to participate: It is not too late! Work intensively the last days of August and deliver within 1. September.
    Become a member of the INSPIRE hackathon community and enjoy future hacks for the environment: The more the merrier. This European initiative is open to citizens of the world sharing the same interest for use of open data for solving environmental and societal challenges. You are the future!

If any of these issues and topics are of interest to you, then this live webinar is for you. Save your seat now.