INSPIRE Hack – (Geo)DCAT Metadata Update

DataBio developers support the INSPIRE conference through organizing the Open Data, VGI and Citizen Observatories INSPIRE Hack. One of the latest achievements is a connection of three worlds through metadata: INSPIRE world, world of semantics and citizen world.

Lesprojekt, Spacebell and Sintef prepared a demo that shows the following story. Earth Observation data stored at Spacebell applications are described by INSPIRE metadata as requested by legislation. Such metadata are also online converted into the GeoDCAT format in order to support tasks related to semantisation. Moreover, Lesprojekt developed a convertor allowing to transform on-line GeoDCAT into KML and/or GeoJSON. Metadata may then be visualized through Google Earth and/or any GIS platform respecting KML/GeoJSON.

We would like to present through this demo the ideas of opening INSPIRE to IT as well as “wipe off” the border between metadata and data.