INSPIRE Hack – 3D Open Land Use Update

Two 3D application prototypes created

(24th of August)

The 3D-OLU team, consisting of DataBio project partners, has developed two application prototypes which are going to be presented at the INSPIRE HACK 2017. The first, let’s say a global app (3D-OLU), shows a visualization of Open Land Use in 3D, which can be combined with any web map service of user choice. The second app (Rostěnice Farm) presents the potential of 3D data visualization in a local area of interest.


This application visualises the Open Land Use dataset on top of the EU-DEM terrain model in a perspective view. Displaying the data in 3D environment helps the user to explore an area of interest in more natural way than a traditional map. Moreover, the user can add a web map service of his choice (as long as the WMS is in WGS84 coordinate system) to make custom 3D mash-ups. The technical details can be found here.

Rostěnice Farm

This application visualises geographical data in a 3D environment. This can help a farmer to better understand the farm fields. The farmer can explore the relation of the yield potential to the topography, slope, orientation and topography wetness index in his/her field. The farmer can check the parts of fields with steep slopes and how the machinery deals with them (checking the machinery tracklogs). The technical details can be found here.

The application uses the digital terrain model of fifth generation and the digital surface model of first generation produced by ČÚZK. This application is not yet publicly available, as we are awaiting an authorization from ČÚZK. At least, there is a video presentation.