Linked Data Generation


TEAM MEMBERS: Ota Cerba, Karel Jedlicka, Raitis Berzins, Dmitrij Kozuch…


Generate linked data from SPOI, OLU & OTM

  1. Define set of links among objects:
    1. SPOI X is inside of OLU area Y
    2. OLU are X is in NUTS Z
    3. SPOI X is in NUTS Z
    4. SPOI is near (define what is near) road Y
    5. Road X is crossing NUTS x
    6. Road X is crossing OLU area Y
    7. OLU area X is near (define what is near) of road Y
    8. ??????
  2. Decide, how we will build this relations, if using standard GI functionality or how (probably in large scale task for Hadoop or other technologies)
  3. Define some set of SparkSQL queries
  4. Prepare some simple visualisation