3D Open Land Use

TEAM LEADER: Karel Jedlicka

TEAM MEMBERS: Pavel Hajek, Raitis Berzins, Dmitrij Kozuch, Jiri Kvapil, Jan Shanel, Tomas Mildorf, Simon Leitgeb, …….

PROJECT IDEA:  The main objective is to extended possibilities of HSLayers NG  (https://ng.hslayers.org/) by integrating CESIUM 3D module  (https://cesiumjs.org/) and use Copernicus DEM (https://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/eu-dem)  and other available DEMs to support displaying Open Land Use map http://sdi4apps.eu/open_land_use/ in 3D  .

Open Land-Use Map http://sdi4apps.eu/open_land_use/   is a composite map that is intended to create detailed land-use maps of various regions based on certain pan-European datasets such as CORINE Land Cover, Urban Atlas enriched by available national and  regional data

The work will be divided into next steps:

  1. Integration of CESIUM with HSlayers NG
  2. Displaying Open Land Use on existing DEM offered by CESIUM
  3. Instaling own CESIUM server
  4. Publishing COPERNICUS DEM and other local DEMS on own CESIUM server
  5. Displaying Open Land Use  using own DEM on own CESIUm server