Why to vote for Groundwater FIE in WSIS Prizes 2021

Attention to the application in last days has brought us to the idea of an interview with developers of the application. Developers described the application in short 8 questions that could provide you the overall idea what is the application all about, what benefits it provides and how you can start to use it. The record of the interview is on YouTube.

The application is available at:  https://groundwater.smartagro.lv/

Please, support our colleagues by YOUR VOTE by the end of March! 

How to vote for FIE20: Groundwater and meteo sensors?

  1. Registration – please register under the following link, you will receive a verification email with a link https://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/stocktaking/Account/Register?ReturnUrl=%2Fnet4%2Fwsis%2Fstocktaking%2FPrizes%2F2021%2FVote
  2. Log in
  3. In the menu, click on Prizes and then on the Vote button (or directly on the link below)
  4. Select a category: AL C7.E-environment and you can vote