Challenge #4: Analytical map of Traffic Accidents in Czechia

The goal of the challenge is to develop an analytical map of traffic accidents in Czechia using GLayer, a tool for interactive visualisation of big & complex multidimensional spatial data through linked views. GLayer, is an innovative GPU computing tool designed for compute-intensive jobs. It’s parallel architecture delivers high computing performance. GLayer includes a geo-enabled database with a rendering option that is able to store, query and render billions of records. GLayer supports SQL-like queries and provides graphical output of aggregated data such as heatmaps (point or line-based). 

InnoConnect will provide the applicant with admin access to the GLayer configuration dashboard through which the analytical map project will be configured (only basic coding skills required).

The official traffic accident data provided by the Police (source) might be either processed by the applicant independently and connected to the GLayer backend via PostGIS or ClikHouse connectors (support will be provided) or a pre-processed data can be provided by InnoConnect.

Example: GLayer analytical map

Example: GLayer project configuration

***The registration for this challenge opens on 1st April***
Registration link will be available at

Jiri Bouchal is a co-founder and director at, a technology start-up company that delivers location intelligence services to clients in the fields of smart cities, smart mobility, Internet of Things, open data and geo-data analytics & visualisation.
Jiri’s main fields of expertise include business development, business analysis, innovation management, (geo)data analytics and visualizations, functional analysis and UI design, smart city policies, eGovernment services, and smart mobility. Jiri has a successful track record in H2020 research & innovation funding, being engaged as a project manager of multiple innovation projects.
Jiri obtained MA diplomas in Law and in European Studies.
More info about Jiri can be found at:

Frantisek Kolovsky holds a position of the senior backend developer at InnoConnet and is a PhD student at University of West Bohemia (UWB). His main area of expertise include transportation algorithms, routing algorithms and processing of big spatial data.
Frantisek research focused on routing algorithms was awarded  by a 3rd place during the ACM SIGSPATIAL Cup 2015 competition (Seattle, US).
Frantisek has also been working as a software developer in several European research & innovation projects: DUET, PoliVisu, OpenTransportNet and Plan4business. He holds an Ing. (M.Eng) diploma in Geomatics from UWB.