IoT in Agriculture Session at 117th OGC TC

We would like to invite you the IoT in Agriculture Session at the next 117th OGC Technical meeting, which will be held on the 7th of December 2020 at 14 00   and 17 30  of US Eastern Standard Time (EST). It means 20 00 and 23 30 of Central European Time.

IoT technology enriches precision farming and in principle the farming in general as well as food sector. There exist several different types of sensors, but also systems for measurement management models including AI. It requires a linkage between existing sensor networks and Earth observation systems, crop growth models, etc.s. This requires a combination of information to create effective, standardized actuation protocols (‘task maps’) for machines and robots.

The goal of this session is to connect sensors and software producers with experts from different domains and start a discussion, how to make IoT information more interoperable and how to support a better utilization of IoT in agriculture and food production.

Preliminary Agenda of the Session:

Part 1 – 20 00  – 21 30 CET (Room B) 

  • Karel Charvát (Plan4all) –  Introduction to the section, the role of IoT in Agriculture
  • Hylke van der Schaaf ( Fraunhofer IOSB) – OGC SensorThings API v1.1 Update
  • Kathi Schleidt (DataCove e.U.) – API4INSPIRE
  • Michal Kepka (BOSC) – SensLog – an interoperable solution for sensor data
  • Ondrej Vesely (Flowerchecker) – Plant identification AI technology in agriculture
  • Dr. Corentin Dupont (WAZIUP) – Affordable IoT Solution for African Agriculture
  • Vojtech Lukas (Mendel University) – Introduction to on-the-go crop sensors for variable-rate fertilization

Break – 21 30 – 22 00 CET

Part 2 – 22 00 – 23 30 CET (Room C)

  • Gottfried Pessl (Pessl Instruments GmbH)- Introduction to Pessl Insruments
  • Nikolaos Kalatzis (NEUROPUBLIC) – The gaiasense smart farming solution; evaluating data interoperability approaches
  • Antonín Kubíček (Lesprojekt) – Introduction to Agronode
  • Åke Sivertun (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden) – Use of UAV  and IoT for Agriculture  in the Cellular and UAV Innovation zone Sweden
  • Raul Palma (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center) – Generating RDF views over IoT data sources

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