Challenge #8: Mid-term Report

The figure 1 outlines the challenge #8 concept and selected two pathways. The concept encompasses 4 phases; what indigenous knowledge to collect, how to collect, how to evaluate the quality of the knowledge,  and finally how to record and share the indigenous knowledge.  So far we have decided to put effort on two pathways but we are still looking for additional ideas for pathways. Pathway 1 is addressed on grain storage systems in Africa. Pathway 2 is about mapping out soil microbes coverage, quality and quantity in African continent.

Figure 1: The concept of challenge #8

The team of challenge 8 consists of 31members from 17 countries.  Most of the team members are from Africa continent.  The team uses emails, WhatsApp and Skype for communication. WhatsApp is the most active channel having 13 team members. Skype group has also gathered 13 members.  

By 19.10.2020, there have been 3 team meetings: 1 pcs for general, 1 pcs for pathway 1 and 1 pcs for pathway 2.  The discussion, ideation, knowledge transfer could have been more active and vivid, but we are still in a ramp-up phase of the project.  The first results to come will hopefully and activate participants into dialogue.  

The kick-off webinar was planned to be on week 40, but it was necessary to postpone to 23.10.2020 (week 43) due to one presenter’s personal reason. 

Pathway 1 needs support from the challenge 6 expert Peter Horak,  and Pathway 2 from the challenge 3 expert Pavel Hajek. The co-operation between challenges enriches and enables more ambitious deliverables and increases all participants’ know-how and skills. 

At the moment there are no particular risks ahead.  The next tasks are to ideate additional pathways, pilot the 4-step concept and constantly assess the progress. To enhance team dialogue is one of the core tasks.