EO4AGRI ONLINE WORKSHOP: CAP Area Monitoring platforms, Copernicus and LPIS

We are pleased to invite you to the EO4AGRI webinar / online workshop  CAP Area Monitoring platforms, Copernicus and LPIS, that will take place on 5 June, Friday, 12.00 CEST.

The online workshop is organised within the framework of Horizon 2020 EO4AGRI project, contributing to  Dubrovnik INSPIRE Hackathon 2020.

The objective of the webinar is to talk about the CAP Area Monitoring platforms for combined use of Copernicus and LPIS/GSAA data, to present the survey results of the 1 year progress of Area Monitoring System implementation in Paying Agencies, focusing on the requirements and identifying the state of the art, and to discuss other related issues.

Monitoring of agricultural sites requires joint satellite observation data (e.g., from Copernicus) with GIS data originating from territorial Land Parcel Identification Systems (LPIS). Technical procedures and platforms for LPIS data sharing, specifically addressing the use of hosted data cubes will be reviewed during the webinar.  Combined processing of LPIS/GSAA and satellite data will be presented, as it is offered by the Euro Data Cube service to the benefits of higher level applications (e.g., Machine Learning crop classification, etc.).

The registration link to the EO4AGRI webinar CAP Area Monitoring platforms, Copernicus and LPISis open:  https://plan4all.lpages.co/cap-area-monitoring-platforms-copernicus/