OGC TC Meeting in June held virtually!

Based on global travel and gathering restrictions as well as the extended unavailability of host facility, all as a result of the COVID-1 pandemic, OGC will be holding thier June TC Meeting virtually. Recognizing the value you all receive from physically meeting and holding casual conversations with your fellow OGC members and thus will organize the
meeting to not only allow you to complete the work of the TC, but also to have opportunities for less structured collaboration.

The meeting is planned to still start on 15 June 2020. Please plan for some parts of the meeting to continue into the following week, although final details are not yet available.

Recognizing also that the ISO / TC 211 (Geographic information/Geomatics) meetings are scheduled to be virtual earlier in the month and OGC is working with the TC 211 organizers to ensure our meetings are mutually supportive and not in conflict with respect to times.

For more information, see the OGC websites: