Agriculture DWG Report – 111th OGC Technical Committee

27 June 2019

The most important thing for this WG

Agriculture address number of technical standardisation effort inside of OGC, we need made link between Agriculture DWG and Technical groups

Key topics recognized during meeting

  • Semantic, Ontologies and Linked Data (not only Open Linked Data) – in this direction seems to be important build harmonized models for soil and parcels (plot information). JSON formats, WFS 3.0 and other activities has to bee consider
  • Trust and security of information and methods of data sharing
  • New visualization methods including 3D
  • Metadata standard and linkage of metadata and data using new standards GeoDCAT IP, etc., how to search metadata using search engines
  • IoT technology and standardization in this domain
  • Maps as object in relation to An Open Format Linking Geospatial Web Services and Information
  • Mobile access and citizens science methods or VGI methods
  • Cloud and HPC computing
  • FAIR data principles
  • EO is one from key sources of information for agriculture
  • ISOBUS and standards for machinery monitoring

Current situation in Europe

  • In Europe is number of large projects, which can contribute to standardization effort
    • DataBio
    • IoF2020
    • EUXDAT
    • EO4Agri
    • Demeter
    • CYBELE
  • We need use potential of this project to help implementing standards in agriculture

Next steps

  • Organize similar event on next TC meeting in Canada with focus on research and commercial activities on Amrerican continent
  • Build strong link with Asia, Australia and New Zeeland (we had presentation on this meeting)
  • Organize regular virtual meetings focused on single topics like semantic, IoT and prepare from this meetings suggestion for next TC meetings
  • Elaborate ideas and look for sponsors for Precision Farmin Test Beds