Progress report for QGIS as a Client for DataBio/FOODIE RDF Data

We started to analyse, how to query farmers satellite data from farm management information systems. Help us with this tasks and agree on a common interface.

Farm data or field data (it could be a single field)

Processed data on the hub (data could be stored as processed or process can be calculated on demand).

What a farmer needs

Response could be or raster or vector.


  • How could be queried server from client side (if we are using defined processing, probably we can use the same query for both stored or processed data)
    • we need define, how will look API for querying
    • we need define data model for transferring data for single fields
  • How will be send back result
    • in case of vectorized data, probably will be necessary to define only format and model
    • in case of raster data?